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Decided to customise my leatherman by engraving a skull.


"You are who you choose to be."


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Just heard this song and instantly liked it. Which is rare because I hate everything.


This is that 5 page comic I did with Mark Selan for Homebrew, Vampires, Bullets issue 1. Should be ok to show by now.

I wasn’t terribly happy how it turned out. It didn’t scan very well and was hard to adjust the levels because of the copic markers, I did it in the wrong page format so it doesn’t fill the print page properly, and there was a typo, but at least it reads ok visually even without the speech bubbles, which is thanks to Mark’s writing more than anything, but I added a few panels here and there to change the pace visually and break up the page layout.

I lost a follower because of that rape jokes reblog but I win because I unfollowed you first. Ha!

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Brain flowers

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My Destiny character looks badass. He’s got fucken robot horns. Can’t wait for it to be back up.

Wan’a screw? Just a short little one?

So jokes about everything else in the world is ok, but just not rape jokes? Ok got it. That’s seems totally reasonable.

Comedians don’t defend bad rape jokes, but either it’s all ok, or none of it is. All comedy is based on error. Part of comedy is making light of things that are rough in the real world. It’s not really a powerful statement. It’s just supposed to make someone laugh. Laughing is not something hard wired into logic and reason. For example, farts are hilarious.

There are funny jokes about cancer and death, so does that mean no one should make those jokes about that because it could affect someone and you would be seen to be ok with people dying from cancer?
Everyone has something they feel deeply and personal about, and has heard something that hurt them, in comedy.

Or what about someone who is laughing at someone else falling over. Should they be stopped and told “Hey, I slipped and fell over once and lost the baby I was carrying. I had to get an abortion and it was the worst experience of my life”? It’s easy to shit on comedy’s ingrediants.

You have every right to offended about anything, and people have a right to make jokes about whatever they want.

P.S. I don’t particularly care what a rapist thinks of me. Also, I hope God has mercy on my soul after he stops letting rape happen.

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My Tumblr app should have a NSFW mode so I don’t get porn on my huge android screen in public.

Batman activity